Heidi was hired after having my house listed with another agent for 6 months. She showed the house to more people on the first 2 weeks than the other agent showed it in 6 months. Heidi guided me through the selling & buying process and was always available for any questions. She is highly knowledgeable, personable and professional at all times. She maintained her positive outlook throughout the COVID lockdown. I highly recommend Heidi to be used as a Real Estate Agent.

    Janet L.  Sold in RVC and Purchased in Lynbrook

    Heidi was a true professional to work with and always had our best interest. Because of her local knowledge, our new home is a perfect reflection of our needs. Heidi was very responsive after she safely and expertly showed our home. She negotiated on our behalf skillfully and guided us through the selling procedure perfectly. Heidi was always honest and so supportive as she explained every step of the process as she successfully sold home. We highly recommend Heidi Fehn and thank her for everything!

    Bonnie S. Sold in Hewlett and Purchased in Oceanside

    Heidi Fehn was wonderful to work with when we made the difficult decision to sell our family home. She was responsive, professional and kind. Heidi explained things in easy to understand terms and was easy to communicate with. She made the selling process easy, and knew the market and area very well. Heidi did not make any false promises nor sugar coat her information. She was factual and understanding about the emotions that are involved in such an important decision. We are very glad we chose to work with Heidi Fehn and would recommend her to anyone. Choosing her was the best decision we made.

    Marie M.  Sold in Lynbrook

    I have known Heidi and her family for twenty-five years. She’s sold my office (commercial property) and my home. She is very knowledgeable and is easily accessible. She tried and succeeded in getting us the best possible price. I would recommend Heidi, without reservations, to handle any real estate transaction.

    Dr. S.  Sold in Valley Stream and Plainview

    It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Heidi Fehn in the listing and sale of my home. I am a local real estate attorney and as such I have been dealing with real estate brokers and agents for over 25 years. I can honestly say I have never before encountered such a level of excellence. The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. This, I highly recommend Heidi Fehn for residential real estate needs.

    Adam S.

    “Great job from start to finish. Sold two properties for me, one commercial and one residential. Couldn’t ask for better service. Always kept me informed and up to date. Offered excellent advice when contemplating offers. Very honest and hard working. Always available. I really don’t know what else to say other than the fact that Heidi is a consummate professional.”    Paul P.

    After several months of trying to sell my house on my own, I decided to call Heidi. Well, that was the best decision I ever made! I immediately felt as if a weight was lifted off my back. Heidi made me feel at ease and I was confident that she would get the job done. Heidi provided me with the tools I needed, and took over the rest. She responded to my calls/ texts promptly. She is a true professional and clearly loves what she does. I highly recommend Heidi Fehn without reservation.

    BiancaG4 Sold in Valley Stream, NY.

    Heidi was a pleasure to work with. She helped us with sale preparation, and recommended several resources to help us get the house ready to put on the market. She was very responsive to emails, texts and calls, and followed up with us regularly to keep us on track. She was very patient and helpful over what ended up being a 2 year process (as my elderly Dad took a long time to get on board)! I highly recommend working with Heidi.

    Denise G.  Sold in RVC

    Heidi made the process of selling my 2nd home a smooth transition. She responded to all my calls promptly. She was always well prepared for the open houses and negotiated to full asking price. She is personable and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent who is knowledgeable and hands on.

    Angela F. Sold in E. Rockaway and Purchased in Lynbrook.

    Choosing a Realtor can be a daunting process. Whether you are buying or selling, you are selecting someone who will be in charge of what will probably be the single biggest purchase in your life. There are dozens of Realtors who advertise, so how do you choose? I’ve had experience with Realtors before, but never on Long Island. After some unsuccessful

    tries, I was recommended to give Heidi a call. I did; we met, and I was impressed. Not only did she meet all the expectations of our original meeting, she exceeded them. Here’s why:

    • Heidi is always there for you. Each sale is a unique situation with circumstances that no one can anticipate. HEIDI IS A PROBLEM SOLVER: whatever the situation, she can figure it out.
    • Heidi is an encyclopedia about local regulations, neighborhoods, and what’s available. HEIDI KNOWS HER MARKET.
    • Anyone can sell a house in a good market but times are tough. A Realtor needs to do more than the average Realtor would to succeed; she cares. HEIDI GOES THE EXTRA MILE.
    • Novice Realtors can fall into traps when dealing with other Realtors, complex clients, and regulations. HEIDI IS ALWAYS FRIENDLY, ACCOMADATING, BUT ALWAYS THE CONSUMATE PROFESSIONAL IN HER DEALINGS.
    • There are too many areas in which Heidi excels to list them all, but when you choose Heidi you will know you have chosen a professional Realtor who cares, who takes a personal interest in you getting the best deal possible, and who will make it happen. HEIDI MAKES IT HAPPEN.

    Kathleen K.

    “Heidi sold our condo in Valley Stream. She was very professional and helpful. We had a couple open houses and actually got an offer on the first one. She coordinated the sale with the buyer and made it very smooth. She also helped us find our home in Long Beach. Took us to see many properties until we found our home. She helped us with the tedious paperwork involved with buying a co op. Even helped us find a mover. She made this stressful process a little less stressful.”    Charles S.

    Heidi made the incredible stressful process of selling our home a pleasant experience. She was very quick to respond to my calls, emails, and texts, and she always kept me updated. My husband and I met with a realtor from a different company and we were very unhappy with the listing price she suggested. She showed us comps from run down homes with no updates and claimed “the updates on your home don’t matter. Square footage is what sells houses.” We completely disagreed and decided to reach out to Heidi for a second opinion. Heidi suggested listing the house for 30K more than what the first realtor suggested and she felt we would get asking price or close to asking. She said the “Lynbrook market is hot” and the updates were going to sell our home. Heidi wasn’t kidding – 8 days on the market and we had 4 offers – asking price and above asking! We had a big hiccup at the fault of our buyer and Heidi handled everything perfectly. She fought for us and everything worked out in our favor. Heidi is a ball of fire and we have been recommending her to everyone!!!

    Kelly H.

    “My wife and I highly recommend Heidi. She is a true professional and an expert in her field. We met Heidi at one of her open houses. She was very welcoming but not pushy. I believe the seller already had an offer on the table so Heidi didn’t really need to entertain us. Despite that, Heidi scheduled us another walkthrough and was honest about the offer we made. She even recommended a mortgage broker, which we ended up using when we bought our house. So when we needed to sell our apartment, we immediately considered Heidi despite having been with other agents and been satisfied with other agents. Heidi was prepared and went over the entire process with us. We were impressed with her knowledge and agreed with her recommendations. Who would have thought there is so much to being a Realtor. Throughout the process, Heidi showed true professionalism. She constantly remained in contact with us by email and text day and night. She accommodated to our busy schedules, holding phone conferences at 7pm, and replying to my crazy early text at 7am. She informs us well in advance when she will run the open houses and we trust her with our keys. But most importantly for me is that I have been satisfied with the people she recommends. Her years of experience in the field have put her in touch with many great people and she will recommend them even if you don’t buy or sell through her. We bought using her broker and sold using her lawyer. Even after the entire process was over, she continued recommending people I should use for remodeling and restaurants I should try out in my new neighborhood. You cannot go wrong with Heidi Fehn.”

    Terry Fung Ching

    “Heidi Fehn was wonderful to work with when we made the difficult decision to sell our family home. She was responsive, professional and kind. Heidi explained things in easy to understand terms and was easy to communicate with. She made the selling process easy, and knew the market and area very well. Heidi did not make any false promises nor sugar coat her information. She was factual and understanding about the emotions that are involved in such an important decision. We are very glad we chose to work with Heidi Fehn and would recommend her to anyone. Choosing her was the best decision we made.”

    Carol C.

    “I cannot say enough about Heidi! She helped me find my dream home which has been a very long process. She helped me search for one almost nearly two years. She never gave up for me. Heidi is extremely responsive with all her communication and very knowledgeable of the market place. She’s honest to the core which is hard to find in agent now a days. She made the purchasing of my home an easy journey for me and cannot thank her enough!”

    Vanessa Kostyra

    “Heidi made the process of selling my 2nd home a smooth transition. She responded to all my calls promptly. She was always well prepared for the open houses and negotiated to full asking price. She is personable and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent who is knowledgeable and hands on.”   Angela F.

    From our first meeting until we actually closed Heidi guided us with suggestions that were followed and produced results. Heidi is dependable, always available, experienced and very respectful of her clients. We work as a team from day one. The process went quickly and smoothly. I recommend Heidi with total confidence.

    Najat & Richard D.

    Heidi was AMAZING! She stuck by us during our long decision making process, always seeing the glass half full, even when we did not. Her honestly and her direct feedback is something that we really appreciated. Heidi’s tenure really shined through when she was able to negotiate on our behalf to  make sure we were getting a fair deal, even when the seller was uncooperative and didn’t want to budge on anything. I would highly recommend Heidi for any real estate needs.

    Robert C.

    Heidi, Sorry that this letter is late. I wanted to thank you for your dedication of selling my home at 46 Jackson Rd in Valley Stream this past October. Since the moment I interviewed you for my agent, you kept your promise to work hard to sell it. I had a previous agent from another real estate company the previous year, but clearly you were definitely more professional and hard working. Not only did I appreciate your continuous house showings, updates and additional open houses (if needed), but you made it a less stressful process for my family. I also appreciate that you were dealing with a law guardian and followed up with him, me and the attorneys. And you got us more than the appraised value of the home.

    Denise S.

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the manner in which you handled the sale of my home. The market price that you suggested was right on, it generated more activity than I had anticipated. I appreciated your availability for promptly answering my many questions. You handled the entire process in a professional and friendly manner from beginning to end. I will certainly recommend your services. Thank you again for all your efforts in the sale of my home.

    Jim B.

    Dear Heidi, I am a strong believer in gut feelings and after talking with you for five minutes I just knew you would be the right person for the job. As my Mom is getting older it became time for her to move. I am grateful for the gentle touch with my Mom. Thank you for staying on top of everything, working with the other Realtors and maintaining your professionalism as well as keeping me apprised and staying in timely contact. Your honesty and integrity set a high standard for other Realtors to strive for. Thank you.

    Peter W.

    Heidi’s guidance and advice at every stage in the selling process, were outstanding. As executor of my mother’s estate I relied on Heidi to guide me through the initial price setting stage: she carefully explained the trade-offs in taking an aggressive position versus a less aggressive one. Her explanations were sensible and persuasive and reflected her many years of experience as a real estate agent and knowledge of local market conditions. I took her advice at every major turn and the result was the sale of the property on-time. on-price and with a satisfied seller and buyer shaking hands at the end of the process.

    Hugh C.

    Months before I decided to sell my home in Valley Stream, I contacted Heidi about a house that she sold. Heidi kindly answered many questions I had. I kept her number on the refrigerator and almost a year later I called her. Being a single Mom, I needed to trust my real estate agent. Heidi many times provided dedicated time and effort in selling my house. She took pictures and held many open houses on her own-knowing I was unavailable. When I called she always answered! She followed up on all possible buyers. Nothing was ever done without speaking to me. Her knowledge was invaluable and her confidence was a relief to me. I recommend Heidi Fehn to sell a house-your home. Thank you so much.

    Anna K.

    This letter is in reference to Miss Heidi Fehn’s recent sale of our house located in Valley Stream. Heidi made all the essential right moves. She is a fine, cheerful and knowledgeable woman. My wife and I were very fortunate to have her represent us.

    John B.

    Pat and I want to say thank you for taking the time to help us during the sale of our townhouse. You were so helpful in advising us on what to do and negotiating everything on our behalf to secure the best price and terms for us. We have never experience anyone who is so knowledgeable with real estate. Both of us have learned so much from you, and we want to thank you for that. Also, we never had a hard time getting in touch with you whenever we needed you, even when you were on vacation. If you should ever nee d referral please don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you again for everything.

    Patricia M.

    Everything turned out ok in the end.  We tried so hard to help Emil and Jennifer get into the house for the holidays, but it’s all done now. I spent a lot of time in New York making sure the house was transferred in the condition I’d want it if I were buying it and Emil was very pleased. Thank you for working with everyone involved. It’s not easy to represent the needs/desires of both a buyer and a seller while being fair and equitable as well. You did a great job brokering all the agreements and keeping everyone on track. I wish you much success in your future and as my friends and relatives begin their new journeys through retirement I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you as well


    Now that things are settled (a bit), I wanted to express the greatest thanks to you for getting us into our new home. It is very comforting to have such exceptional people backing us up. Much appreciated. We moved in the day after closing and are unpacking box by box. Kids love their new home and their new school. Could NOT have done this without you. PS – Thanks Ed for recommending Heidi. She really did exceptional work for us.



    Joe B.

    I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with selling the house and getting to know you also. I handed the keys over on Tuesday. I enjoyed getting to know you and my only wish it that it was under better circumstances than the loss of my husband and my home. While this whole ordeal was a horrendous thing for anyone to have to endure-you tolerated my moodiness, depression, anger and frustration with the utmost grace and I appreciate that. You made me laugh too, especially at myself, and that saved my sanity! I know I was not easy to deal with and you certainly made the situation lighter for me most days. (I would have killed me by now!) Thanks for everything and I’ll give you a call when I’m done here and have you stop in to see the place. I’ve only been here two days and though I’m surrounded with piles of boxes-I’m finally feeling the first inklings of some serenity in my life that’s been gone for so long and my anxiety has been replaced with utter relief that I didn’t think was possible to feel-just last week! Thanks for all your help!



    I am writing this short note to express my sincere thanks for help you provided me.m selling my house on Reid Avenue of Rockville Centre. As you know I initially listed with another agency in the Spring of 2014, but after many months all too few offers materialized. Your firm and you personally were a great help in making something happen. I’m remembering the gathering of agents from your agency and others who were local. That gathering produced “Home Evaluations” from each of the attendees that provided a reality check for me and basis for you to put the house on the market at the right price. I appreciated the fact that you kept me updated all the time and were always accessible if I had a question. In addition, as the only person in the house & working a full time job in The Bronx, it could have been very stressful. That is why T also appreciated the several times that you did me the courtesy of letting someone in my house when it was not related to a prospective buyer. The forgoing are just a few of the little things that I wanted to thank you for.

    Robert C.

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in selling my Rockville Centre home. I don’t know if you realized that I was very diligent in my selection process. I interviewed six different Real Estate professionals from different local and national companies. After our meeting and your follow up, I decided that you were the person I felt was most qualified to help me with the sale. I loved the CD you had put together to help prospective buyers remember what my house offered. You were extremely available to show the house when I was busy with other things. You were always reachable (almost 24/7) and very responsive. I was most impressed when we had multiple offers! It was a pleasure to work with you and I thank you very much! Plea se feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

    Dawn L.


    I am finally settled in my new home and wanted to take a moment to thank you for guiding us through the sale of our house. You were very knowledgeable from setting up the open house to following through with the closing. It was a pleasure to work with someone who has your best interest in mind when we were working with a short time frame and going through a divorce. Your knowledge of the market was an asset to us. We were able to get multiple offers on the home and have you negotiate to get us the best deal. I was a tremendous advantage to have you sell our home and also work with us searching for another home at the same time. We are so lucky to have worked with you. You were always available by phone or text, and took time to keep us in the loop through the entire process. It has been a pleasure to work with someone who is patient, compassionate and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends or family who might need a Realtor in the future.

    Angela F.

    A couple of years ago I was thinking of selling my home in Lynbrook and had a opportunity to speak with Heidi Fehn, well things didn’t work out at the time and I decided not to sell. Being her tenacious self (and I mean that in a good way) she never gave up on me. Just this past January after returning from Florida I decided to put my house up for sale and what better person to sell it then Heidi. Not but three weeks went by and the barracuda sold my house, amazing that’s the only word I can think of. Heidi was very professional, honest and helpful all the way to closing. You sir, have a very valuable broker on your bands. Furthermore I would recommend your realty to family and friends and tell them to ask for Heidi Fehn.

    G. M.

    It is with the utmost pleasure that we write this letter of commendation on behalf of Ms. Heidi Fehn. In Spring 2013 we listed our Lynbrook home with Ms. Fehn. From the moment we met Ms. Fehn, we knew immediately that she was “the one” we wanted to list with. Ms. Fehn came prepared with recent neighborhood comparables, she knew the climate of the local real estate market, and understood that making a decision to sell (or buy) was not an easy decision to be made.  Ms. Fehn ‘s  preparedness and  attention to detail was apparent as the first few days unfolded. A professional photographer took photos of our home which were made available during home showings. As well, DVD copies and other pertinent information about our home were always accessible. Ms. Fehn listened to our needs and respected our timeline and special concerns. It is important to mention here that at this point in time we had two young children at home with a third child on the way. Our decision to sell was not easily made as we began to set up newborn gear while simultaneously beginning to pack our home. Ms. Fehn sought out well-qualified buyers. At over eight months pregnant, leaving our home to show potential buyers was not always easy to do. Ms. Fehn was able to balance showings while respecting our family privacy throughout the process. During this time our son was born and Ms. Fehn rose to the occasion once again by giving our family time to adjust. Our home sold within weeks. Moreover, once a price was agreed to  with  the buyer,  Ms. Fehn was instrumental in negotiating the finer points of our contract including a favorable closing date which allowed us time to bridge to our new home. Ms. Fehn is well-respected and well known in the local real estate community. This of course,  we did not know in first listing with her, but found out soon enough and could not have  been more pleased with our decision to list with her. We may have hired Ms. Fehn as our broker, but now consider her a friend of our family.


    Lisa and Brian K.

    We are writing to express our extreme pleasure while dealing with associate broker Heidi Fehn, who represented us in the recent sale of our single-family home located at 65 Flower Road Valley Stream, NY 11581. We were moving out of state and needed to sell quickly but also at fair market value. Heidi came highly recommended and exceeded all of our expectations throughout the entire selling process. She guided us through all the steps from listing, to showing to closing the deal and was always available to answer our questions and concerns. Our home was listed on May 8th 2012 and we were in contract by June 14th 2012. This remarkable short listing period was a result of Heidi’s hard work, dedication and persistence. We could not have accomplished these results if we attempted to sell on our own and the experience would not have been as pleasurable. Heidi’ also has a great personality that was genuine and made us feel extremely comfortable while dealing with her. To reiterate, we were extremely pleased with our overall experience with Heidi and would definitely recommend her services to anyone buying or selling a home.

    Sean & Luch M.

    I just want to thank you for all your help selling our home. In today’s challenging market, we needed someone who really was going to be proactive, rational and creative. You proved to be both of those things in many ways. You initially came up with a good fair price to sell in the current market, which attracted qualified prospective buyers. You worked with other agents and media outlets to help market our house. Using your creativity, you were able to get our house featured in Newsday’s Friday Real Estate Section. You made a nice open house for other brokers in order to further drum up interest. You used every tool available to get our house “out there” for buyers to see. You were  incredibly responsive to our every email and phone call and kept us up to date on showings and opinions of the customers. You stayed loyal to us throughout the process and used your expertise to help smooth over issues with the buyers and the bank. I wholeheartedly endorse you as an agent to someone looking to sell or buy their house and would definitely use you again. Once again, thanks for all your help.

    Doug & Shannon L.

    What a journey it has been! I think that most of your clients can relate with us, as it has been a long, bumpy road through selling and buying a new home. It is a stressful process for anyone on this journey, but the one thing that kept us sane was our wonderful real estate agent and the entire team at Ed McNulty Realty. Morning, noon and night, every day of the week, you were always available to answer any of our questions and went above and beyond to satisfy our needs. You truly were a pleasure to deal with and made a stressful process rather fun and enjoyable. We met many agents along the way and I can say you were one of the few who actually were professional, sharp, caring & trustworthy. I can also say that Ed and the ladies at the office are at the top of their game and a delight to have done business with. I will always refer you and look forward to our next purchase in 30 years ;). Many many many thanks & wishing you much success along the way!

    Rosella, Dan, Giovanna & Mea B.

    Barry & I want to thank you for making the sale of our home such a pleasant experience. You were always there to advise, negotiate and help us make the correct decisions. You sold our house quickly with a very good price for everyone concerned. Your judgment was right on target.

    Sheryl & Barry M.

    Heidi was diligent and very responsive to all questions or concerns. She definitely worked for us, as the sellers. I appreciated her honesty and recommendations that ultimately led to having our house sold. I would highly recommend working with her for all of your real estate needs.

    Cathy D.